Having containment equipment on-board would help minimize the consequences of oil spills. However, no practical solution exists so far and current solutions are bulky, and cannot be deployed immediately. A typical boom weighs 2-10 Kg/m and is stored in batches of up to 150 m that together with the reel can weigh 1-4 tonnes. They are stored in central locations and require a trained crew to deploy, as well as machinery. Being brought to the spill from afar in limited quantities, they cannot contain the spill, but can only serve as a clean-up device.

In contrast to existing methods that currently take 12 to 24 hours to respond and begin cleaning up an oil spill, we offer Oil Spill Spread Stopping by Instant Containment.A first emergency oil-spill containment solution for immediate response and engagement. We will put the disruptive Spill Python  vessel in the market, a cutting-edge, remote-controlled unmanned vessel developed by L3 ASV, equipped with an innovative boom -HARBO’s T-Fence™- that weighs less than 1/15th of a traditional boom and that takes up a fraction of the storage space. Our innovative Zero Time to Spill system enables immediate deployment of up to 500 m of boom at the spill location in less than 10 minutes to encircle and contain the spill, with no need for specialty crews. This will increase effectiveness of Oil Spill Recovery rates from 7-15% to more than 50% of spilled oil. This will significantly limit associated environmental damage, avoid large collecting/clean-up expenses while offering superb cost-efficiency, and minimize financial damages for companies, and all this is done without risking human lives.

SpyllPhythonTM  OILBLOCK project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 820633.