Spill Python is almost ready

Spill Python is almost ready for testing in the water. With the XL cartridges now mounted on board and Pneumatic doors functioning. We are excited to see it in the water. 

Integration1 - IMG-20190915-WA0002
Ready for deployment

We just completed the integration of HARBO’s container pneumatic door system with the L3 remote-controlled vessel’s chassis. The boom is sealed and locked while in a standby position, and following command from the control, it releases the cartridge’s door. The boom is ready for deployment.

We are on track

First tests in water with the Fence BOOM unit and the vessel platform at the port of Rotterdam (Holland), and the first results are very promising.
We also had the opportunity to review all the work done and to plan the guidelines for the next months.

BDU operating

Our work is continuing at a good pace, and the design of the BDU has already been finished. The first testing in the sea water will take place very soon. Congratulations to all project partners for this important achievement.

New brand identity

In order to improve what the project transmit to the general audience and in order to gain influence in the future  market we have decided to use from now on the following name in all our publications and advertisements: SpyllPhythonTM.

New Technologies for Inland Spill Response

The HARBO Fence BOOM unit has recently been tested on the Clark Fork River in Montana with Whitewater Rescue Institute and saw excellent results. Check out the full review on the following link.

Ready & GO

The first meeting of the project (KOM) was held at ASV-L3HARRIS facilities, Portsmouth (UK) last 4th of October 2018. A great opportunity to meet together and ensure that project team is on the same way with the scope, goals, budget, timeline, and everything in between. 


SpyllPhythonTM  OILBLOCK project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 820633.